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Bad Karma

We use SpamKarma 2 to keep this site relatively clean of comment spam. I was clearing out the filter a few days ago and found a message with an astoundingly low karma of -3690.56. The usual value is in the low (high) double digits, and I’ve seen a few in the high (low) triple digits. But this is some sort of new evolutionary low. Just thought you’d like to know.



We set up a room on to do some early planning for the group and deal with infrastructure. These days it’s kinda quiet in there, so we figured we’d use the space for general discussion instead. So come on over to #provgeeks and say hello.

Fora, now with RSS!

Thanks to “Jim Willis”:, the “fora”: now have RSS feeds at the forum and thread level.

Clicking on the !/forums/img/rss.gif! below the forum title on forum index page, or in the forum titlebar will get you a feed of the forum in question. Inside a forum, clicking on the !/forums/img/rss.gif! to the left of the thread title will get you a feed of that thread. Enjoy!

Welcome to the New Online Home of Providence Geeks

Welcome to the all new and improved Providence Geeks site. So what’s new and improved about it?

  • A swanky new domain —
  • Our own instance of WordPress (the old blog was on’s hosted service), which gives us a lot more flexibility as we pimp out our template with widgets and miscellaneous bling.
  • New feeds courtesy of Feedburner. Don’t forget to subscribe!
  • And coming Real Soon Now, Providence Geeks forums powered by PunBB. Register and start posting!

A big round of applause to Alex Taylor of Big Ring Design for leading the (still in-progress) development & design effort, as well as to Jim Willis of for his sage technical advice.