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Apologies & Providence Geeks to return 12/12/12!

Hi Everybody, I want to give my since apologies for the radio silence from Providence Geeks headquarters. I really dropped the ball with the October and November Geek Dinners. It’s one thing to skip a couple of months, it’s another thing to not communicate properly about it.  As some of you know, AS220 hosts the very excellent Action Speaks series on Wednesdays in October and November. So for these months, we’re not able to keep our regular rhythm. Combine that with me trying to catch up with everything since my wedding (9/22), and it’s a mess. Again, my apologies. Going forward, Brian and I are going to do a better job of hosting October and November at another, equally great venue.

Now for the good news: Geek Dinner returns 12/12/12!  Ooh, that sounds auspicious. Please save the date, and stay tuned!

Finally, here are a couple of terrific local Geek events to tide you over this ths week: