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Providence Geeks Video Podcast: Hanaan Rosenthal of Custom Flow Solutions


At the February 2010 Providence Geek Dinner, Custom Flow Solution CEO Hanaan Rosenthal gave us a look at their system for generating the graphs that adorn the pages of papers such as the New York Times and the Boston Globe. I caught up with Hanaan after the Geek Dinner to learn more. [Video link]


February Geek Dinner – Wed. the 17th 5:30-8:30pm featuring Custom Flow Solutions

Photo Credit: Jef Nickerson

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010, 5:30 – 8:30pm
AS220, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI
FREE (buy your own food and drink – it’s cheap)

The February Geek Dinner rolls into town this coming Wednesday, and will answer the nagging question: how the heck does the largely-technically-challenged newspaper industry serve up super complex pages of data like this, and on a daily basis no less?

Custom Flow Solutions LogoWith a client roster including the likes of The New York Times, The Associated Press, and Thomson Reuters, Providence-based Custom Flow Solutions (CFS) is a leader in graphics automation software. At the next Geek Dinner, Founder/CEO/Lead Developer Hanaan Rosenthal and Vice President of Information Design John Casarta will give us an overview of the company, its history, its product offering and its exciting plans for the future. The presentation will include a live demonstration of CFS’s impressive Hypergraph software platform.

Update: Hanaan has written a blog post about workflow automation at

Please RSVP at Facebook (In the interest of making it more “viral”, we’re experimenting with doing our RSVPs on Facebook – and while you’re there please join our Facebook group. And if you want to join our very-low-volume email announcement send an email to Jack Templin, with your name and affiliation.)

As always, for first-timers here are the details on the Geek Dinners:

  • The event itself is FREE! Beverages and food are for sale at AS220’s bar and new restaurant.
  • It’s totally casual. Wear whatever, bring whoever, arrive and take off whenever! And don’t worry about eating or not – come famished or full – eating is optional, and frankly, the least of the festivities (that’s not say the food isn’t good – it’s actually great)
  • Topics of conversation will vary as they will at any gathering of geeks, but many of us will be talking about AJAX, mash-ups, start-ups, new devices, innovative business models, interaction design, social computing, digital art, web services, etc. etc. etc.
  • There is Wi-Fi so bring your connected device of choice.