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January Geek Dinner – Wed. the 20th 5:30-8:30pm featuring the book launch of Jonathan Stark's new O'Reilly iPhone title!

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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010, 5:30 – 8:30pm
AS220, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI
FREE (buy your own food and drink – it’s cheap)

Jonathan Stark

January’s Geek Dinner is actually born of the Geek Dinner last May. That’s where Providence-based web & mobile application strategist Jonathan Stark met O’Reilly Media Senior Editor and Providence Geeks Co-Founder Brian Jepson. Jonathan proposed a new book on an important, but under-addressed dimension of the iPhone. Brian got it. Now 8 short months later (light speed in the publishing world), the print version of Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is about to hit the shelves, and Jonathan is about to embark on an international speaking tour (including such prestigious stops as South by Southwest).

It’s only fitting therefore that next week’s Geek Dinner will be doubling as the book’s launch party!

Building iPhone Apps book coverOn Wednesday Jonathan will be giving an overview of the book, with a focus on the important question of choosing whether to development a “native app” or a “web app” when targeting the exploding smart phone market (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, etc.). Jonathan, who has quickly become one of the foremost experts on this topic, will examine the pros and cons of the different approaches, complete with live demos. This short session will be packed with invaluable information for anyone considering expanding their business to the mobile world.

**Note: Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is currently available in its entirety in both a free HTML version and as a $5 iPhone app.

Update: Jonathan has written a blog post about the Mobile Web at

Please RSVP at Facebook (In the interest of making it more “viral”, we’re experimenting with doing our RSVPs on Facebook – and while you’re there please join our Facebook group. And if you want to join our very-low-volume email announcement send an email to Jack Templin, with your name and affiliation.)

As always, for first-timers here are the details on the Geek Dinners:

  • The event itself is FREE! Beverages and food are for sale at AS220’s bar and new restaurant.
  • It’s totally casual. Wear whatever, bring whoever, arrive and take off whenever! And don’t worry about eating or not – come famished or full – eating is optional, and frankly, the least of the festivities (that’s not say the food isn’t good – it’s actually great)
  • Topics of conversation will vary as they will at any gathering of geeks, but many of us will be talking about AJAX, mash-ups, start-ups, new devices, innovative business models, interaction design, social computing, digital art, web services, etc. etc. etc.
  • There is Wi-Fi so bring your connected device of choice.